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Spice. For the holiday challenge!

for Prompt #1: Spice. 239 words.

Fuji's kitchen should not have been large enough to hold all nine of them, but Tezuka noticed as he looked around the room that Shuusuke had his own reasons for having them all gather around the island where he and Inui currently battled for control of the dipping spoon. Momo and Kaidoh were finding as many different excuses to touch as the tight space would allow two people who officially couldn’t stand each other. Eiji was flush up against Oishi as he attempted to get closer to the pot of glogg* to suggest that Inui throw in more nutmeg and raisins. And Fuji, who was calmly responding that perhaps it needed a bit more spice, was sandwiched in between Inui and Taka, and seemed quite satisfied with himself.

Tezuka was making a mental note to reprimand Fuji later for having created the perfect recipe for turning his tennis team into a hormonal disaster area, and driving him around the bend in the process, when Echizen casually shifted closer to him.

His hip pressed against Tezuka’s thigh, and when he reached for a cinnamon stick he leaned in closer still, so that for a moment to Tezuka he was the center of all the warmth in the room.

Inui slapped Fuji’s hand away from the giant pot and added more coriander. He was smirking, but so was Fuji.

Tezuka reached for a glass, his hand settling lightly over Ryoma’s waist.

*glogg is a very heady Swedish mulled wine full of spices—packs quite a kicker for the holidays and can really make you do crazy things. Leave it to Fuji and Inui to have the recipe.
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