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Pillars: The Tezuka/Ryoma Fan Challenge community.
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Welcome to pillarchallenge!

This is a challenge community for fans of the Tezuka/Ryoma pairing from the anime series Tennis no Oujisama (Prince of Tennis).

pillarchallenge was created to encourage TezuRyo fanart, fanfic, and discussion. The community features regular challenge prompts every two weeks, and sometimes flashfics and other things. We encourage fans of all kinds to post here and share your thoughts, your writing, your art, and anything else you'd like with us!

RULES: (revised 8/10/07)

1) This community no longer allows mature content, please don't post anything rated R or NC-17. Please make sure all icons are worksafe and that all images are behind a cut tag.

2) We do not allow cross-posting to other communities during the challenge. After the challenge has been rounded-up and a new one is in place, you can feel free to pimp your work around. Please credit the community for the challenge prompt!

3) All posts must be friendslocked.

That's it! Please email the mods if you have any questions.

Our layout header is taken from art done for the challenge by the enormously talented attics, to whom we are very thankful. ♥

Our sister community is the lovely fujicestfest!

Thanks for joining/watching pillarchallenge! Have fun!

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